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Previously on the 'Conscience of Kansas' Radio Program:

[Audio of the 10 previous interviews on Paul's Pod-O-Matic Page]
  • Special guest Tim Huelskamp comes on to talk about state issues and more... We invite you to listen and comment» Listen here »
  • Fox News contributor Liz Peek about the NEW York Times' pro-marijuana reporting...
  • Book author James Robbins comes on about his new book on Gen. George Custer, The Real Custer
  • Author Kevin Flegler visits to talk about his newest book, Limits
  • Special Guest, Miss Teen Kansas USA, Tobie Roberts
  • Mega-church pastor Steve Mays about his new book,
    Overwhelmed by God and Not Your Troubles
  • Jeff Glendening from Americans for Prosperity visits to discuss energy mandates/li>
  • Debate with Fire It Up Kansas, a pro-legalizing marijuana organization
  • Mike Zullo, lead investigator for the MC Cold Case Posse
  • Robert Vicino, founder and CEO of the terra vivos project
All previous guests listed in the Archives...

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